Poppy Wore a Black Latex Mask to the 2018 American Music Awards

What’s more, the honor for “most exceptional celebrity main street glitz” at the 2018 American Music Awards goes to…Poppy, who turned up on celebrity lane with half of her face secured by a dark latex veil.

The 23-year-old artist and YouTube star accessorized her pink outfit—which gave genuine “Rihanna at the 2015 Grammys” vibes—with dark tights, dark shoes, and the astounding headgear. She kept whatever remains of her excellence (as in, her eyes, which were the main piece of her face obvious) basic and shimmery, with a light tidying of sparkle. On her Instagram Story, she flaunted a dark nail trim in indistinguishable shade from her cover.

“They’re sending me to the #AMAs to converse with popular individuals,” the star tweeted over the end of the week. (Be that as it may, is she ready to talk through the cover?) And the evening of the occasion, she shared a photo to Instagram of her look with the subtitle, “I like American Music #AMAs.”

In the remarks segment of the photograph, fans appear to be torn over what precisely to make of her mouth and nose covering. While some were excited about the look (“I need the veil” was a resounding abstain), others were somewhat befuddled with respect to why she shrouded her face. Some additionally pondered whether the look was a kind of political explanation. “Represent the voiceless, sing for the universe,” kept in touch with one client. “POPPY KILLING US WITH THE SOCIAL COMMENTARY! YAAAAASSS!!!” responded another.

Poppy herself still can’t seem to stand up on the importance behind the look, maybe on the grounds that, well, she proved unable. Heres trusting she exposes and opens up soon.

POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 1
POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 2
POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 3

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