Cardi B and Selena Gomez Dance Around a Dystopian Hellscape in “Taki Taki” Music Video

Obviously, a joint effort between two powerhouses like Cardi B and Selena Gomez has the ability to realize the apocalypse. In any event, that is the thing that is by all accounts occurring in the official music video for “Taki,” their tune with DJ Snake and Ozuna, which dropped amid the 2018 American Music Awards on Tuesday night.

All through the video, the group of four moved to the Latin-propelled bop over a few scenes, the greater part of which appeared to be of the red hot, prophetically calamitous assortment. Amid her refrain, Cardi B switches back and forth between two unique yet similarly provocative troupes. In one, she wears a dark bodysuit under a dark cape with a significantly high neckline, and her hair is styled in Queen Amidala– esque circles over her head. The other, then, contains an overwhelmed red bra top, coordinating briefs, and a silky red duster coat to finish everything.

Gomez’s refrain comes later in the track, and, not at all like her associates, she invests the greater part of her highlighted energy not in a devastate hellscape, but instead in a lavish green wilderness. She likewise switches between two looks: One, a lime green mockneck edit top and sparkling green designed jeans, coordinates her tropical environment, while the other, a red wrap shirt and fresh red jeans, facilitates splendidly with Cardi’s, DJ Snake’s, and Ozuna’s own blazing red troupes.

The melody originally dropped sans video toward the finish of September. At the time, Cardi told Billboard what precisely sold her on collaborating with Ozuna, DJ Snake, and Gomez. “It’s exceptionally Spanish. It’s extremely, similar to, a Spanish vibe. When I heard it, I resembled, ‘I need to get on it,'” she said. “At that point I discovered Selena Gomez would have been on it, and I’m similar to, ‘Goodness, sh*t!’ I knew it would have been a hit.”