Drake Not Dating A Teen After All

Actually, Drake is not dating a youngster. As per both Drake and the youngster. Things being what they are, that settles that?

Last week, reports surfaced that the rapper had “close down” a DC eatery for a night out on the town with Bella B Harris. The girl of effective music maker and continuous Janet Jackson associate Jimmy Jam, Harris is a best in class model and ongoing graduate…of secondary school. And keeping in mind that truly, being eighteen makes you a legitimate grown-up, the Internet’s aggregate eyebrows were raised for a couple of reasons. Since above all else, Drake is thirty-one. What does he have in the same way as this youngster? Furthermore, didn’t they meet, as this Vice article hypothesizes, when he was twenty-nine and she was sixteen? There’s additionally the issue that Drake is a generally new dad, also. Internet based life presents appeared on help the story that the two were a thing.

Be that as it may, the two gatherings have since issued a foreswearing, of sorts. Agreeing to ET, “a source near the rapper” says that “Drake and Harris are not and have never been dating.” On Instagram, Harris posted a photo of herself and expressed, “Falling off an astounding New York form week, I believe I have to set the record straight… I didn’t feast in DC as of late. I was joyfully working and feasting in NYC regular.”

It’s absolutely not feasible. Her family’s in the business; they could have met when she was a child and progress toward becoming companions. And after that she went to his shows since, you know, it’s a Drake show, and posted pictures with him since, you know, he’s Drake! As it were, the majority of their photos together can be viewed as proof that they aren’t a thing.